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Why Spreadsheets Aren't Good Enough

If you've been trying to track your energy spend using generic spreadsheets, you've likely discovered they can't account for variations in weather, billing cycles, evolving square footage, or changes in such custom metrics as transactions, covers, or production. Which means spreadsheets just don't work very well.

EnerCop® Energy Management Software helps you manage your energy cost center like a professional energy manager. For a small financial investment in software, your business will gain invaluable, actionable intelligence.

A quick comparison tells the story:

EnerCop Generic Spreadsheets
Normalizes for weather YES NO
Normalizes for square footage changes YES NO
Enables custom baseline metrics YES NO
Accounts for varying bill periods YES NO
Tracks and reports carbon (Greenhouse Gas) emissions YES NO
Easily keeps track of multiple facilities' energy cost center YES NO
Tracks and reports results of energy efficiency measures YES NO
Anomaly reports YES NO
Load factor analysis YES NO

Spreadsheets are marvelous technology tools...just not for managing your energy cost center.
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$999 - 1st license
$450 - Additional