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Performance Reporting

Benchmarking your facility portfolio's energy consumption is a critical first step on the road to energy efficiency and cost control. But tracking consumption is only the beginning. Once you've got the valuable data in EnerCop—whether you're using the full EnerCop Suite or EnerCop Benchmarking—you can start drilling down through that business intelligence and generating meaningful, actionable reports.

EnerCop's Reporting Engine

EnerCop's reporting capabilities have been called "elegant," "robust," and "the best in the field." We welcome the accolades and humbly agree!  If there's a nugget of information you want to retrieve from your energy data, and you've entered it properly into EnerCop, there's a report for you.

EnerCop can produce the most basic reporting—quarterly consumption for one fuel across your entire portfolio—to the most customized and complex. Using EnerCop's filters, you can drill down into your database to select a specific sub-set of data to analyze, such as natural gas usage by facilities located in strip malls served by a particular utility.

Reports are generated in tabular and graphical formats, depending upon the selected report, and are exportable to Excel and, in most cases, PDF format. Most reports can be filtered for weather normalization.

Report Types

Included among the general and customized EnerCop reports are:

Single-Site Reports – Data analysis of one site within your portfolio

Energy Efficiency Index (AEI)
Energy Efficiency Index (AEI)

Multiple and Single-Site Reports – Data analysis of one or more sites within your portfolio

Two-Year Electricity Usage Report
Two-Year Electricity Usage Report
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