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Tracking Your Carbon Footprint

EnerCop® Helps You Measure and Report Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Managing your organization's energy consumption isn't just about saving money. When you use less energy you are also reducing your carbon footprint—that is, the amount of harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emission your facilities send into the atmosphere.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) already requires most industries to submit annual reports tracking GHG consumption. Many states and local governments are also moving in that direction. And if your organization submits a sustainability report to its stakeholders, you can be sure GHG emissions will be on the agenda. Thanks to EnerCop Energy Management Software, GHG tracking and reporting is fast, affordable, and easy to implement.

EnerCop tracks usage for all greenhouse gas-emitting energy sources:

With one click of the reporting tool button, EnerCop converts all energy usage within each selected site to equivalent CO2 emissions and reports the carbon footprint on a quarterly basis.

Sample EnerCop Energy
Carbon Footprint Report
CO2 report

The report shows year-over-year quarterly comparisons so you can track progress toward a specific carbon footprint reduction goal.

Even if your organization is currently exempt from EPA's Reporting Rule, the writing is on the wall. In the coming years, all GHG emitting businesses will likely need to track and report energy consumption, whether by federal/state mandate, corporate directive, or community standard. EnerCop can help you get ready for that requirement today.
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