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Energy Bill Accounting

EnerCop Suite's energy accounting module allows finance executives to more accurately calculate monthly energy accruals by site and fuel type and verify energy bill invoicing. EnerCop makes it easy to generate budget variance reporting, create budget projections and contingency scenarios, and develop and manage fiscal year budgets.

This invaluable accounting tool defines progress or regression to catch unexpected energy consumption and cost trending before they become severe budgetary problems.


The cost of electricity, gas, water, and oil can be among the most volatile debit column entries. Many businesses utilize the accrual method to project annual financial liabilities but often face a daunting task of reconciling under-projected utility costs with actual invoiced amounts. The result? Unacceptable budget or profit and loss fluctuations.

EnerCop Suite includes a proprietary GAP algorithm within the energy accounting function that optimizes allocations using all known information and trends. The Energy accounting feature that governs accrual processing also combines any budgeting, planning, and budget variance reporting that are affected by the accrual process.


Forward-looking financial accounting requires a predictable plan for utilities expense.

EnerCop Suite's unique approach to utilities accounting incorporates a "fair" allocation of utility charges across billed and unbilled days that bring non-conforming invoice “billing” periods into alignment with proscribed 12 month fiscal years.

EnerCop Suite's integrated process limits a company's exposure to painful true-ups and reconciliations on the energy expense line of the P & L statement. Far greater accuracy in projected costs and ongoing budget adjustments is just one more way in which EnerCop saves businesses money every month, every quarter, every year.
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