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Benefit of Custom Baseline Metrics

EnerCop is the only energy benchmarking and accounting software that allows companies to establish process-driven custom baseline metrics for their facilities’ energy usage. That means you can align energy metrics with your organization’s standardized measures of business performance such as production volume, number of transactions, or customers, and not simply by comparing MBTU’s per square foot, as competitor products do.

Why Custom Baseline Metrics Are Better

For the vast majority of businesses, measuring energy consumption simply based on square footage has minimal value. If you’re a retailer, energy usage relates to sales. Restaurants need metrics that relate to covers or transactions. Hoteliers measure by REVPAR. Manufacturers analyze every part of their budget as it relates to the amount of production.

Only EnerCop allows you—in fact, encourages you—to select the metric most valuable to your organization to track, measure, and report your operation’s energy consumption and spend.

Baseline Metric
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