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Consumption Tracking

Tracking your facilities' energy consumption and comparing each location's performance is the most critical step in controlling your energy spend. Simply examining your utility bills and comparing this year's monthly expense to last year isn't even half of the story.

Sure, there's a wealth of information on your energy bills, but many variables go into each utility's monthly invoice, from weather variations to inconsistent billing cycles and your own operational changes.  So you just can't make an apples-to-apples comparison based on the “PAY THIS AMOUNT” number on the utility bill.  And if the metric that drives energy consumption in your business is something other than square footage—such as occupancy, customers, or tons of production—you'll be hard pressed to accurately assess building fuel economy using spreadsheets.

That's where EnerCop comes in.

The Value of EnerCop Software

EnerCop lets you benchmark energy performance as an energy manager would. It accounts for all the variables and provides you with timely, actionable business intelligence about your building portfolio's energy consumption patterns.

Step 1 – Establish your baseline

Data Entry Screen
Data Entry

Step 2 – Track consumption and performance

AEI Chart
AEI Chart

Step 3 – Analyze results and take action

Electricity Per Day
Electricity Per Day
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