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About EnerCop® Energy Management Software

Finally, An Enterprise-Wide Energy Accounting Solution

In most companies, there are two to three departments that "own" a piece of the energy cost center. When operations, facilities, and finance teams aren't working off the same expense/resource management platform to control energy cost, they just might be spinning their wheels. EnerCop® Energy Management Software delivers energy information solutions across a common platform to all parts of the organization, enabling collaborative, informed decisions about the energy cost center.

EnerCop helps financial executives manage energy budgets, accruals, and variances while providing facilities and operations managers with timely energy performance benchmarked data (Key Performance Indicators) to validate and prioritize resources and unit-level operations.

And EnerCop is the only energy benchmarking solution that allows you to establish process-driven custom baseline metrics for accurate assessment of energy use. Aligning energy analysis with a KPI you're already familiar with, such as sales, covers, transactions, or production, has far greater value to most companies than simply using a square footage metric, as other software tools do.

Invoice Tracking

Utility Invoice Tracking
Utility Invoice Tracking
With EnerCop software, you can unleash the hidden information within your utility bills to track energy use, analyze the data, and quickly respond to negative trends.

EnerCop tracks invoices for:

Energy Accounting Overview

With EnerCop, CFOs and accounting executives can: (learn more)

Energy Benchmarking Overview

Energy Efficiency Index (AEI)
Energy Efficiency Index (AEI)
With its performance benchmarking and baselining capabilities, EnerCop provides managers with timely energy efficiency performance data. (learn more)

Energy Monitoring Overview

Don't just pay your utility bills. With EnerCop you can mine the data in those bills to monitor your portfolio's energy performance. (learn more)

Reporting Overview

Two-Year Electricity Usage Report
Two-Year Electricity Usage Report
EnerCop has a robust reporting engine that generates reports customized to your operation's changing needs. Using filters, select variables including weather normalization, fiscal year, facility ranking, region/district/division…whatever data aligns with organizational standards and requirements. (learn more)
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