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Take Control Of Your Energy Cost Center

If you're like most businesses, you've got metrics for every line item of your operating budget—except energy. Labor, overhead, raw materials…you know your costs down to the penny. But when it comes to controlling your energy cost center, you're still using spreadsheets…or worse.

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It's time to take total control of your energy spend with EnerCop® Energy Management Software. EnerCop provides a comprehensive energy and carbon profile of all your facilities and customizes benchmarking to the specific metrics that drive energy use for your industry.

EnerCop gives you the business intelligence you need to take action against high energy costs. Reasonably priced and simple to use, the time and resources spent on implementing EnerCop will yield almost immediately payback.

It's never been easier, or more profitable, to go green and save green.

About EnerCop

We've raised the performance bar—and lowered the cost—of the world's only energy benchmarking and accounting software suite that lets you customize your own baseline metric, while gaining control of energy budgets, accruals, utility costs, trends and much more. EC Suite delivers crucial utilities statistics enterprise-wide to the Operations, Finance, and Facilities departments. (Learn more)

Designed by an Energy Manager for Energy Managers...and Everyone Else.

EnerCop was created by Kilojolts Consulting Group president Gary Markowitz, a seasoned corporate energy manager and consultant who was dissatisfied with the limited and costly software tools available to track, manage, budget, and benchmark the energy cost center. With developer Ted Plaskonos, Markowitz designed a robust software tool with all the capabilities energy managers need and with a simplified user interface even novices can master.

GHG Tracking Update

Will your company be ready to track and report greenhouse gas (GHG ) emissions? The countdown has begun!
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$999 - 1st license
$450 - Additional